QRR1100 Picture

This locomotive is part of our Run-A-Locomotive program, where you get to take the throttle and experience running one of these historic pieces of equipment.

Builder Electro-Motive Division of General Motors
Built October 1950
Type TR6
Horsepower 800
Serial number 13550
Operating weight 230,000 lbs
Acquisition Donated by Sierra Pacific Industries

The Quincy 1100 is an EMD TR6 switching locomotive built in 1951 as a demonstrator and sold to Southern Pacific.

While working the NWP in Eureka between 1951 and 1953 it was given the name, “Little Lulu” after a comic strip character, a name it retains today.

In 1985, Southern Pacific wanted to abandon the 23-mile branch from Wendel to Susanville. This would leave the Sierra Pacific Industries mill at Susanville without rail service.

A deal was struck where SPI would lease and operate the branch as an extension of its Quincy Railroad.

1100 was purchased by SPI for $14,000 and served the mill.

Sierra Pacific Industries closed their Susanville mill in 2004. The last use of No. 1100 was on April 29, 2004. After the last of the milled lumber was shipped out on June 24, 2004 the 1100 was out of a job.

SPI donated the 1100 to the FRRS and she came to the museum in December 2004.

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