Welcome to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum!

As you experience the museum, look for tour signs and type their exhibit codes into the bar at the top of this website. Not all exhibits have signs yet, so feel free to try typing in a railcar’s road number even if you don’t see an exhibit code sign for it.

Get started by trying the code “WELCOME

The WPRM is a live, operating railroad museum, so please be aware of your surroundings and look for moving equipment during your visit.

We are a hands-on museum, so feel free to climb up on the walkways of equipment and look in windows. We only ask that you don’t climb under, on top, or between any pieces of equipment.

If a door is unlocked, feel free to open it and look inside; we only ask that you make sure to close it once you’re done. If you find a locked door on a piece of equipment and would like to look inside, find a docent and they will try and get you inside.