QRR3 Picture

Builder ALCo General Electric
Built August 1945
Type 44 Ton
Horsepower 190 hp per engine for a total of 380 hp
Serial number 27819
Top speed 35 MPH
Operating weight 88,000 lbs (44 tons)
Acquisition Donated by the QRR’s owner, Sierra Pacific Industries

Quincy 3 was the first diesel locomotive used by the Quincy Railroad that connected with the Western Pacific just east of Keddie. The Quincy was built in response to the WP bypassing the town of Quincy when the mainline was built. Quincy is the seat of Plumas County and was the home of Arthur Keddie, the man who first surveyed the route of the WP and advocated its construction.

The 3, an ALCo/GE 44 ton locomotive, was built in August 1945 served as the main motive power until an Alco S-1 locomotive, Q 4 ex-WP 504, arrived in 1973.

It was eventually retired and donated by the Quincy Railroad’s owner, Sierra Pacific Industries, to the museum.

This engine has never been out of Plumas County since it was delivered to the Quincy.

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