Built December 1967
Type UP Class CA-13-2
Length 41 ft. 7 3/4 in.
Operating weight 51,100 lbs
Acquisition Acquired from UP in 2007

UP 24592, originally Rock Island CRI&P 17174, was built in December of 1967, and was part of a large group of equipment, including engines, cars, and cabooses, bought by UP for the Rock Island. This purchase was part of a 10-year process where Union Pacific was attempting to merge the Rock Island into their system, which ultimately failed in 1974. The Rock Island eventually went bankrupt in 1980, at which point all of the equipment originally purchased by Union Pacific was transferred back to Union Pacific.

CRI&P 17174 was then renumbered to UP 24592 in May of 1980, and upgraded by the UP the next year. The UP used this caboose as a crew car for maintenance of way personnel working snow service based out of Dunsmuir, California.

The FRRS acquired this caboose from Union Pacific in 2007.

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