USA1857 Picture

This locomotive is part of our Run-A-Locomotive program, where you get to take the throttle and experience running one of these historic pieces of equipment.

Builder Fairbanks, Morse & Co.
Built January 1953
Type H12-44
Horsepower 1200
Serial number 12L681
Original cost $224,700
Top speed Max speed is 40-45 mph (It has 14:68 gearing, which is good for 60 mph, but the trucks it’s on are only good for 40-45 mph.)
Operating weight 246,000 lbs
Acquisition Purchased by FRRS

This locomotive was build by the firm of Fairbanks, Morse and Company in Beloit, Wisconsin. F-M was a relative latecomer to the diesel locomotive industry, but tried to break in with an unusual and innovative prime mover design using opposed piston engines. While ultimately unsuccessful in locomotive applications, F-M’s prime movers remain in production today and are used for naval vessels and power generators.

Between May 1950 and March 1961, 336 of this model were built, WP neighbors Southern Pacific and Denver & Rio Grande Western both rostered them. However, F-M could not compete with the larger builders. It sold its last domestic locomotive in 1958 and its last locomotive ever left the factory in 1963. Today, only a handful of running F-M locomotives remain, predominantly in museums.

It is currently displayed as Feather River & Western, a fictitious railroad.

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