WP11509 Picture

Builder Pullman Standard
Built February 1958
Type PS-2
Operating weight 60,900 lbs. (empty)
Acquisition Donated by Union Pacific in 1984

The WP 11509 is a hopper car that is a good example of the first type of covered hopper cars used by the railroad, a lot different to the styles we see today. Western Pacific covered hopper car 11509, series 11501-11510, was built by Pullman Standard in February 1958. This old gray car was the first type of large capacity covered hopper owned by WP.

It is a 50 foot, 3 bay steel PS-2 type covered hopper that was used for potash and phosphate service. It has a capacity of 2,893 cubic feet and a maximum load of 140,000 lbs.

It was donated by Union Pacific in 1984.