WP3051 Picture

Builder General Electric
Built September 1967
Type U30B
Horsepower 3000
Serial number 36451
Original cost $234,458
Top speed 75 MPH
Operating weight 287,000 lbs
Acquisition Donated by UP in 1985

After remaining a loyal EMD customer in regards to road locomotive orders since the EMD FT’s, WP turned to General Electric for new road power in 1967. GE had introduced their U30B locomotives in 1965, and WP tested the high-hood demonstrator set soon thereafter. The first five WP bought were actually U30B’s in U28B carbodies.

WP purchased five examples in 1967 at a cost per unit of $234,458. WP then went back to GE and ordered fifteen more. U30B 751 was delivered in Silver and Orange with large WP “Feather River Route” medallion on the cab sides, black and orange chevron style warning stripes, signal lights in the nose, and rode on Blomberg trucks from traded in EMD locomotives.

WP’s U30B’s were retired by successor Union Pacific after the merger, and 3051 was donated by UP in 1985.

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