WP36011 Picture

Builder Pullman-Standard
Built June 1955
Type PS-1 XM Box Car
Volume 4844 cubic ft
Capacity 50-tons
Operational Weight 52,000 lbs
Interior Length 50 ft 5-9⁄16 in
Interior Width 9 ft 2-1⁄16 in
Interior Height 10 ft 5-1⁄2 in
Length Over Strikers 51 ft 10 in
Overall Width 10 ft 5-1⁄16 in
Overall Height 14 ft 11-15⁄16 in
Clear Door Opening 8 ft 0 in wide X 9 ft 10-5⁄16 in high
Door Type Superior 6-panel sliding
Trucks Scullin A-3 Ride Control

WP 36011 was part of a Western Pacific order delivered in June 1955 numbered 36001-36025.

The cars were XM-class PS-1s built by Pullman-Standard. They featured 8-foot Superior 6-panel doors, welded sides and Scullin A-3 Ride Control plain bearing trucks. They were uninsulated boxcars and were used for general merchandise. They had a capacity of 50-tons.

36011 was donated to the society by the Reno BSA.