WP608 Picture

Builder Electro-Motive Division of General Motors
Built May 1940
Type NW2u
Horsepower 1200
Serial number 1000
Original cost $181,538
Top speed 45 MPH
Operating weight 248,000 lbs
Acquisition Donated by Union Pacific

The WP 608 was built before World War II for the Union Pacific Railroad. It was the first diesel-switching locomotive to be purchased new by the UP. Numbered DS-1001, this sturdy switcher worked for the Union Pacific until the late 1960’s. It was sold and eventually ended up on the Western Pacific as WP 608 in 1968.

The unit was rebuilt and served until the end of the Western Pacific. The 608 spent most of its WP service working yards in Stockton and Sacramento. WP 608 was retired less than one year after the Union Pacific acquired the WP, being set aside in September 1983.

UP donated it to the FRRS in late 1984.

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