WP841 Picture

Builder Budd Company
Built November 1948
Type Dining Car (lot number 9624-021)
Length 85 feet 0 inches
Original cost $134,936.06
Operating weight 158,670 lbs
Acquisition Donated by California State Railroad Museum

Western Pacific Railroad 841 “Silver Plate” – California Zephyr Dining Car

The dining car has long been one of the social centers and highlight experiences of a train journey. Six dining cars were built for the California Zephyr, all bearing restaurant and meal themed names. Today the “Silver Plate” is the last of these cares to survive intact and unaltered. She was built in November 1948.

The car seats 48 people using four seat tables: 32 in the main section and 16 in nooks at each end of the car.

Dinner was the most popular meal. Up to six seatings were required, by reservation, to serve the large number of diners. During initial check-in, passengers made reservations for their preferred time with the Zephyrette hostess and received a reminder card. There were no reservations for breakfast or lunch.

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