WPMW37-10 Picture

Builder Pullman-Standard
Builder Lot Number 8240
Built July 1955
Type PS-1 XM Box Car
Volume 4844 cubic ft
Capacity 50-tons
Operational Weight 52,000 lbs
Interior Length 50 ft 5-9⁄16 in
Interior Width 9 ft 2-1⁄16 in
Interior Height 10 ft 5-1⁄2 in
Length Over Strikers 51 ft 10 in
Overall Width 10 ft 5-1⁄16 in
Overall Height 14 ft 11-15⁄16 in
Clear Door Opening 8 ft 0 in wide X 9 ft 10-5⁄16 in high
Door Type Superior 6-panel sliding
Trucks Scullin A-3 Ride Control

For most of its history, Tidewater Southern was a subsidiary of the Western Pacific Railroad. The Tidewater’s 501 series boxcars comprised 25 cars delivered in July of 1955. They were the first real fleet of interchange freight cars owned by the railroad.

In 1975, the WP made plans to renumber all the former Tidewater Southern 501 series boxcars into its 36026 series, behind its own single door PS-1s, however this was not done quickly nor did it reach all the cars. TS 521 was renumbered directly into WP MOW service as WPMW 37-10.

WPMW 37-10, the former Tidewater Southern 521 boxcar, is now used for storage and is slated to retain its silver paint.

She came to us when elements of the WPMW 37 wreck train were given to the museum. When the light is just right, you can still see the remains of the colorful cornucopias under the thin MOW silver paint.